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Welcome to bizintronet - Online Directory and Business Introduction Network

bizintronet (Business Introduction Network) provides a free to view and search business directory. It offers a central point to search and find businesses, products or services either locally or internationally.

Businesses can benefit from this powerful directory and networking facility to list and promote your business, product or service that will be, at your discretion, visible both locally and internationally. It incorporates the tools and functions you have come to expect from the mainstream social networking environment, providing tools such as galleries to display your products, videos to showcase your product, blogs to interact with potential customers and so much more. If you are seeking to do international trade, or just wish to keep it local, then bizintronet is your gateway.

For us, it is not about the money, it is about providing an affordable solution that does not leave you out of pocket and feeling "ripped-off" ... So, why would you pay hundreds, if not thousands, each year to list in a directory that provides a fraction of what bizintronet can. At our costs to list and advertise ... why wouldn’t you list on bizintronet?
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